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Chronicles of Jeff Davis

Thanks for stopping by my humble tribute to the great improvisor/actor, Jeffrey Bryan Davis! If you have no clue at all who he his, I'm sure this site is all you're going to need!

Recently someone has pointed out to me that Wikipedia spells his name as Jefferson. I don't think it makes much of a difference, as his nickname is still Jeff, but all of my resources have credited him as being Jeffrey Bryan Davis, including the Whose Line credit reel. Everything has a tendency to conflict so I am just using the most common thing.

Youtube has been deleting things like mad. that means that the green screen epis are gone, and some of the clips are gone. i will try to keep up with all their deleting, and i'll try to find a good replacement for them. if you have a suggestion for what i can do, please send it in!

Thanks to all those who have sent me comments! They have helped me a lot with the site!

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Jeffrey Bryan Davis is an improvisor/actor, who has appeared on the Drew Carey Show and the improvisational show Whose Line is it Anyway?. There is WAY more info about him in the biography section!

Jeff and company are going to be doing more shows soon. One in Joliet, Illinois on March 24. April 11 to 14 in California. May 10 to 12 in British Columbia. June 8 to 10 in Idaho. June 12 and 13 in Washington. And finally, June 15 to 16 in Oregon. Maybe I can make it to the Illinois shows! Oh well, I suppose I'll just read other people's reports on shows.

please email me and tell me how i'm doing - suggestions, comments, all are welcome.

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